Sunday, October 09, 2011

21, the awesome age! Right?

Hey all, I'm going to get to talking about subjects right away!!!

First will be Work,
Oh the joy of working at McDonald's. I am currently an RDM1 at Lakeville McStop. Corey promoted me :) Lol. I am currently working on a bunch of LMS stuff. I just got to get done with FRDM class. It's gunna be like the easiest class too :) All the basics of running a department. EASY! Anyways, my goal in less than 6 months will be to get promoted to RDM2, which requires going to Capstone in Illinois at Hamburger University. This has been my goal since I was 17. I am sooo proud of myself. This career stuff comes kind of quick when you least expect it. I was promoted ahead of some of my other co-workers that wanted the salaried position. It's like being promoted to a Manager all over again cuz everybody is mad. Oh well.

Second will be... aging! Lol.
Nathan and I have agreed to walk again everyday atleast a mile. Also, I am now 21 :) Lol. Seems as if all my other birthdays will be boring and stupid now. Guess that's the joy of aging. I can drink as well. Obv. Michelle and I went to Babe's the other day and played bingo and all 5 of us at the table won! My main friends now are: Michelle, Jackie, Jason, and Mike, even though I'm pretty sure Mike doesn't feel the same way. I guess it's easy to fall for people that give you any attention at all as you grew older. I learned this the hard way and moved on. What else can you do? It's okay, I'm his coach. Lol. I got so confused with this. I'm still thinking in my head of how confusing this is and was. Now I am thinking about it......... move on... ugh!

I got my mustang back. I had Tires Plus do my brakes for 850 bucks. I need to get my left ti-rod and tires replaced ASAP and before winter. Winter tires are really going to help out this winter. There's NO way I can drive it another winter day.

I am still with Nathaniel. It has been a fun time to be living with him. His dad also had heart bypass surgery. It freaks me out how attached I really am to this guy. He is my life, my world, my every day life. I guess I am weirdened out by attachment. I realize it would be a nice thing for me but if you reallly knew me then you'd know how fucked up my morals are. This has been a problem since I've been 12 years old and it is the most annoying thing ever. I'm not really sure if I am in a totally healthy relationship. I guess this is how love is though. It's weird, complicated, and whatever happens, ALWAYS gets worked out. We could be yelling at each other one moment, then love and hug each other the next.

Next is school, Nathan is almost done with it. It keeps getting pushed back though because of only having one car. This needs to be fixed ASAP as well but there's only so much money that we have. I'm kind of nervous about him getting a job as soon as he gets out though.

Next will be friends/old friends,
My friends that I hang out with irl in Rochester are: Pressley, Mada, Andrew, Nolan (oh how much he melts my heart, corny but so srs), Randy, and sometimes Tommy and Steven. Hopefully next time I go to town it will be Nathan. Last thing Pressley and I did was go to the downtown bars in Rochester, which was my first time ever. It was SOO hard to get pressley out of there. I also saw Colten there (high school crush). Oh gosh, last thing I did with Nolan was just discuss life in general and relationships and wow, he blew me away, he always does a little bit of that to me everytime though.

Anyways, probably getting too much details in here that I shouldn't be,
I will talk to you all later :)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hi all!

I guess I should just give everybody an update on things and how they've been. My life is general has been great. I live in an apartment complex called The Atrium in Burnsville, MN. It's pretty kool. Burnsville turned out to be better then ever. I like it up in the suburbs of the cities. No one knows my past haha I guess. It's nice to get a fresh start with people and meeting new people is fun too. Meg has been my main friend though. She is really nice and she is just like me. Co-Workers are good people. I also sometimes hang out with Josh, Will, Jason, and just whoever comes up I guess, it's pretty random.
Nathan and I are doing great. He's almost done with school. That's going to be a big stress reliever trust me. Also, I hope he finds a nice job. It's going to be really hard to deal with this job thing too. I'm not quite sure where he is applying after school but we're going to have to make another HUGE decision. This will affect the entire rest of our life. The huge decision is what is going to happen after school. Is he going to apply where we live now (suburbs, Minneapolis, St. Paul), Rochester, or somewhere else. This is going to affect my job, my family, and us.
Next will be my career at McDonald's. Lol. I recently went to Advanced Shift Management. I learned a lot about P&L reports and whatnot. I am currently the Department Manager of the Kitchen. I order stuff for the kitchen to make sure we have proper equipment and I'm also in control of food cost, which I think is a HUGE step in my career. Most managers don't learn how to control it until they're like 1st Assistant AKA Department Manager III. Yup, just hoping my stat tomorrow is good. Keep your fingers crossed! We also got a new op. consultant at our store. No longer is Jan our ops consultant. It's now Corey and he seems pretty laid back and nice. I also switched stores since my last post. I work at Lakeville McStop right by I-35 and I love it.
Next will be school... I just hope someday I can take college classes again. I'm just waiting til Nathan gets a good job then maybe I can afford to go.
WoW is still in my life. I'm currently working on getting my Loremaster achievements. Our guild is kind of falling apart. Loricatus Sanctus, we used to raid a lot, now we really haven't like at all. I have 3 85s, an Unholy Deathknight (deathstenz), Prot Pally (koxistence), and Shadow Priest (stenz) that Nathan plays all the time.
Random stuff. I miss my old friends, I really do, I don't know what happened after high school. Lol. Everybody just sort of went their own ways. I guess it's for the best though huh. I miss Rochester and Andrew. Andrew is a really good friend too.

Welll... I don't really have anything else to say here. I think I'm going to look it over though again. It's funny to read what you write in the past. Also I found out that my ex Dustin Sopher that I mention in a few posts a few years ago died. I guess he overdosed in drugs :\. It really is a shame.

Well until next time!

Monday, January 04, 2010

New Year! New everything!

Well guys, it's the start of the new year! Lots of goals and stuff to set! I can't believe it's been like 6 years since I've first started this blogspot. Time goes by too fast!
Í'll start with relationships with people! Nathaniel and I are still going out, it's been... a long time! We now live together in an apartment complex called The Atrium, it's pretty nice being on your own with someone you really trust in life.
Next will be WORK! I currently work at a McDonald's located in Lakeville, MN called McDonald's of Lakeville 2. It is a McDonald's Corporation location. I got hired as Swing Manager and it's totally different then Apache. I miss Apache but there is way too much drama there and I'm glad to be out of it. I recently went to a management orientation class in Bloomington at the Regional Office.. I now know what McD's spends their big bucks on. The room where we had our orientation had an entire view of the city on the 9th floor of an office building. The office's break room had an actual drink station and coffee makers and coolers from the stores. And I swear the building was like gold too. I also plan to be second assistant here too.
Next is college, I think either next fall I will go to Dakota County Technical College but I might need to wait til Nathan's out of it and has a good job because I can't go to school full time and college full time. No way. But I really can't wait to go back to school. I'm gunna love it.
World of Warcraft, haha, I still play it. I currently have 2 level 80s and 1 level 70, I'm still obsessed. My deathknight Deathstenz has 2 tier 8 and 2 tier 9 pieces. I raid a lot, possibly too much. I'm in a guild called Ji e toh and I love them. I honestly think I need to stay in there forever cuz they will cry if I leave.
Concerts are amazing. The last concert I went to was Metallica's, we sat very far back but it was worth it. Lamb of God and some other band played with them. Then before that went to a Blink 182 concert and they were hilarious.
HOME! I miss Rochester, MN. You don't realize what you're missing til you're gone. Soo many friends and things to do there. It's crazy moving to a new city and new work and new everything. It's a good "on your own" experience though because you gotta do EVERYTHING by yourself.
Anyways, gotta work at like 10am tomorrow and run lunch shift! Yay! haha not. I better get back to playing WoW in a little bit with Nathan. He's totally making fun of me writing this and it's not funny!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New blog?

I'm rly bored... soo I decided to check this thing out! Like no one comes to this thing anymore besides Spam ppl.. sooo I guess I'll update my life.
Nathan Conway and I are still going out and we plan to move in together next school year to Burnsville, MN for Dakota County Technical College. Right now I am currently going to Rochester Community and Technical College but they have none of our programs currently available. I always thought RCTC was supposed to be technical? But apparently they don't have anymore IT classes soo what am I supposed to do?

I still work at McDonald's but plan to get promoted to Second Assistant soo that's cool. Next year I plan to work at the MoA McDonald's maybe, since it's only like 6 minutes away from Willow Pond apartments.
I have a car right now and it's a 2004 Ford Mustang and I love it :]

And me and my friend Angie.. that you see in others posts are currently bitching at each other? Yup... it sucks. I feel like I was totally let down by a good friend and backstabbed. But w/e.. I guess she's right.. just move on.
And for World of Warcraft, they have had 2 expansions since my last post soo it goes up to lvl 80 now.. and my current character is Deathstenz on Nathrezim which is a lvl 76 Draenai DeathKnight. I'm still with the same guild as well but since they're a bunch of hardcore raiders, I don't seem to talk to them very much.. yet.

For social networks.. I usually just use Myspace and Facebook. I've been also really into this game on Facebook called Mafia Wars, I'm like almost lvl 50.


Then just search Stacee Nelson for Facebook. I'll be there.
Nathan's turning 21 on April 25th.. that's gunna be a fun day I think. And for concerts.. the last one I went to was the Disturbed concert at the Civic Center with Art of Dying and Egypt Central... it was soo good that we all (Me, Ryan, Nathan) decided to get tickets to Slipknot with ALL THAT REMAINS, Devil Driver and tickets to Metallica in October. It's gunna be so fun. :]
I also went to the casino for the first time with Richard and it was a total blast.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Long time, no post.

It's been way too long since I've updated or posted anything in here.. everything these days is all Myspace. Lots of stuff has been going on in my life.. I am now 16 o.O Just hit level 60 in World Of Warcraft tonight, that was fun. I have been going out with a wonderful boyfriend named Nathan Conway since February.. I have been promoted at work, now a manager. I own the crew :) lol. I now have a car and my license.. hmm.. All that I hang out with now is my boyfriend and whoever else at work.. occasionally Andrew or Ryan. I now get money, lots of it. <3>

Monday, May 01, 2006

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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

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